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Well here we are again 2022 and it's the same old thing. "A no knock warrant, leads to another black person dead while sleeping in the confines of their own home." "Quote, unquote” it was a mistake." Really? I mean with all of this technology at their disposal how these kinds of “Mistakes keep happening? Why does it only occur to black folks, either man, woman, young or elderly? Are we somehow seen as being less than human? Because if this is the case; than truly those kind of thoughts are a “Mistake".

It is Black History Month, and during this month there are countless stories of how much black people have overcome while living here in America the last 406 years. But it is evident that the Willie Lynch mentality still exists will him the minds, heart and souls of some people, whether that, it is Conscious or Unconscious it is the mentality that needs to change. One way to learn how to change is to face our faults, to understand them. There was a man named Willie Lynch who was a vicious chattel slave master who would teach his philosophy and racist ideologies along the backs of some river in the state of Virginia some 400 years ago. He had a manifesto titled "How to make a slave" by: Willie Lynch. I suggest anyone anywhere to read what he wrote, because it is evident that his spirit is still alive and well.

I guarantee that those who may be unaware of their Conscious or Unconscious Bias may notice something that they do not like in themselves, because, in order to confront a particular racist ideology one must admit that it exist! Hate will linger where the heart feels no pain. Compassion, understanding goes hand in hand but sincerity is felt in the heart. It is very hard to feel any compassion, understanding or sincerity coming from law enforcement when situations like these happen, as previously stated above, and their only words are it was a mistake. I mean damn!! Can we as a people get some R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Because as it is right now, the lack of respect is no "Mistake".


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