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Hotzone Schools

What is right, when Covid 19 is spreading in America like wildfire across certain states, yet those who oppose the opening of schools are made to look like paranoid freak ,by people like Betsy Devos. But why should the children living within the hot zone states have to be subjected to learning within an environment where the constant fear is an unseen enemy.

I could understand if ,and when, the virus begins to slow down, but looking at how things are right now that seems to be well off. Do you believe that the right thing to do would be for each governor of these hot zone states to lockdown their state for 30 days and advise people to only come out in the case of emergencies, or gong to the grocery market etc. But most of all EVERYONE! Would have to wear a mask or be fined.

Governor Cuomo of New York has given each state a blueprint to follow, he shutdown then reopened in stages. At this time, to not follow his blueprint is purely idiotic! If you want the children to go to school in August/September than all those who live in hot zone states must wear masks and socially distance.

Because some people are not abiding by the rules, than common sense should tell the government to step in and shut things down for a month. Or at least have very strict provisions about how many people are allowed into a store, laundromat, mall, Courthouse, bar etc.. Previously before mentioned should most definitely be #1 on the radar. Sacrifice of daily routine is necessary at this point, but the potential sacrifice of children going to HOTZONE SCHOOLS and catching the Covid 19 virus should not even, nor should ever be a possibility, if at that moment in time you happen to live in a hot zone.

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