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In today's world there are so many stars who are looked at as being idols, whether that being sports players, actors/actresses, media personalities, political figures etc.. But I ask what about the common man or woman who may not have the star power or publicity to reach many in the world on a massive level? What kind of platform do they have? Social media is very big now and there are lots of people who have to quote "toot their own horn" to get noticed. I believe that if a person is passionate about what they believe than it doesn't matter if someone is a LeBron James or a janitor, they will find a way to express their ideas or agendas to many people by doing something out of the ordinary. We've seen the ice bucket challenge in order to raise awareness for different causes, again these ranged from common everyday folks to some of the biggest stars. I believe that when there seems like now way to bring awareness to injustices then one must do something ,rather create vessel or in this case a platform by which a foundation for awareness can stand firmly. I have been incarcerated for almost 19 years and I thank Yahweh everyday for the platform that I've been give and I take it seriously. is a platform that I use to bring awareness to many different social issues that may be negatively plaguing our communities, cities and countries. Yes I am an author and blogger who happens to be incarcerated but I do not let that stop me from giving something good to the world. I also feel it important to let those who follow me or who like me as being an author to see what is important to me, as well as some of those that I admire and look up to. Since I was a kid I've always admired Russell Simmons because he created something that was very important to young minds. Just seeing a black man owning his own label Def Jam was amazing to me. Spike Lee a strong person, who used his Movie producing platform to convey portray us black people in a true light and bring attention to many different issues. Over these last 19 years I've formed a new admiration for those who are not scared to use their platform on the biggest stages.

I first took notice of one brother years ago while doing time at the recently closed Graterford State Penitentiary right outside of Philadelphia Pa. He was a strong person who stood for something. I am speaking of the one and only Stephen A. Smith. Over the years he has grown in stature but his heart, conviction and courage remain the same. It is a real pleasure and inspiration to watch him on television. I watch First Take on ESPN 1 everyday. I find him fitting to use as an example of the highest degree of plat forming and even with all he has to lose he doesn't back down from topics that need to be spoken about. I am quite sure that some may think" he is in the penitentiary what do those guys know or what can he tell me?" Against all odds I have grown, not just on a mental level, but my perspective and appreciation of life for what other people have overcome, has been a real motivation and inspiration to me. I am a father ,friend, brother, as well as ,a mentor to the youth I encounter everyday in here and with those I speak with on a daily basis. I recently watched a documentary that was co produced by NBA's Kevin Durant who plays for the Golden State Warriors.

It really made me feel good to see a brother on his level take the time to produce a film about basketball at San Quentin penitentiary in California. It showed how personal things affected some, but most of all it showed a brotherhood of incarcerated men coming together to better themselves against all odds. The documentary showed how a basketball coach behind penitentiary walls had become a mentor of not just the game, but he taught others about the game of life as well. I really tip my cap to Kevin Durant and I am looking forward to what he does next. I would like to hear from my readers about someone who is using their Platform for the benefit of humanity..

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