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Self Perspective

My perspective on life allows me to stand when all else is falling. The cavern which looms only yards from my feet, will not consume me, I have finally found a firm foundation, and from this moment, all that I think, do or say will only be in the best interest of myself and family, I realize that it is not all about me!

This statement that I wrote as a promise to myself, became a constant reminder to really pay attention to how I live. Being incarcerated, sometimes could lead a man into all sorts of trouble if not self aware. There are some days that a man doesn't feel like being bothered by anyone, and because of the lack of space, or privacy, you have to learn to tune out things that you don't like in other people. I have another saying "Do you know what a fool is? A fool is a person who projects their pain onto other people. Me personally, I've learned not to do that, by becoming conscience of myself and empathetic toward others. Today's world is full of pain and grief. It is filled with tons of perpetrators who masquerade themselves inside of masks, only to hide their true selves. I understand that everyone can not be a leader, or rich. Or that everyone cannot be a star, or liked by all. But the one thing that we can and should all be is ourselves.

Peer pressure and bullying go hand and hand. But if the one who feels the pressure has a true sense of who they are and love for themselves, than the bullies of the world will have no power! I have touched on a few subjects here, but the basis of what I am speaking, is about perspective. How do you perceive yourself? What is your perspective on life? When you see oppression/bullying, or starvation how does it make you feel? Where are the strong in the world of the weak? Where are the weak in world of the strong? How long will you allow all that goes on, without a word being uttered? The day shall come when the oppressors are punished! So don't you worry. Just know who you are, a worthless jewel or a priceless Star!-You Must Choose!

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