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I'm a forty three year old, Black African American male from Pennsylvania. I am currently incarcerated and serving time for a unfortunate change of serious events which involved a physical altercation between myself and the local police.  I remain hopeful for justice. I was racially profiled by police who was searching for someone else, which resulted in life altering circumstances. I love music, sports, nature and animals. I enjoy writing poetry, stories and desire to inspire others by sharing truth in all its forms. I hope to discourage others from making the mistakes I have, empower them to find inner strength, and courage when facing life's  obstacles.


I believe in education and pursue  available educational opportunities while incarcerated. Irrespective of how things may appear, I am a spiritual person. I believe that strong people exercise mind, body and soul in order to be truly focused. By nature I am a loving, social person who loves God, his children, family, friends and life. I'm not perfect. Regretfully I have made erroneous mistakes.


I have truly taken this unfortunate experience and try to make the best of it by broadening my horizons and growing as a man. I believe that  communication can open the doors,  and present  a opportunity to dialog, meet new people and form friendships.


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