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Unconscious Bias, maybe the glue which keeps systemic oppression alive and well. For many who grow up without a care in the world financially, and I speak of those who benefit from white privilege, may not, nor, can they ever know what it's like to not know where their next meal is coming from , or which way should I take to school this morning, so I can avoid the gangs and police.

Countless young black men and young black women are stopped and harassed by their local police for nothing less than living in a neighborhood that is constantly patrolled, like C.O's observing prisoners in a prison. How would you like being stopped, frisked, or placed in a line up for no other reason than the stereotype" all black folks look alike" ,and all you were doing was walking with your girlfriend to the corner store on a bright summer day. But now you find yourself in a line up and all that it takes is for a victim to say is "that's him". And there is nothing you can do about it. A story like this happens to many times in black neighborhoods all over the country. But for those who have never lived in environments like this, than they would never know. The thing that gets me are those who believe that black folks just complain about nothing and are making all of these stories up. Really? I mean countless stories for hundreds of years being told in similar fashion all over this Nation! I am so happy to see that finally white folks are beginning to see the oppression that black folks face everyday which ranges from the school system, hosing, medical insurance, police oppression, court system, relationships, etc.. "" has been a voice for missing children. So I ask that while everyone is speaking about Systematic Oppression of black folks. Please let's put a light on the missing black children, who seem to be overshadowed by other races of missing children out there. Fact is that black children make up the majority of missing children. So please let's remember all children equally! No Bias!

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