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Which Party Will You Fix, Not Promise?

Hello, Another year is upon us, yet we still are faced with the same lies from those in Power. But I ask are the so called powerless, or those whom are thought to be powerless, do you actually consider them to be so?

There are many in the past who've stepped to the podium with condescending words. However, after receiving your vote, do they expect you to forget their ridiculous display of flagrant disregard towards those of whom may not be within a particular tax bracket or who grew up on the other side of the tracks? Let alone if they happen to be from a different race, gender, religion or immigrant ("illegal"). The disrespect at times may seem intolerable. But in a supposed Democracy, this is the time when the so called powerless can become Powerful. It is more important than ever that as many people as possible get out and vote.

Together YOU can make a huge difference. I write this as a man who has been incarcerated 19 and a half years and wishes dearly that I could vote. Mass incarceration is a real problem. I have to give the Republicans acknowledgement for starting to do something about criminal justice reform. If any Democrats get elected will they fix the time bar issue that they put in place, as well as the term that they've coined called "Super predator", that allowed for such harsh sentences for everyone.

If you recall some years ago Bill Clinton was campaigning on behalf of his wife Hillary, at Penn State Behrend College. The scene was something else. Mr. Clinton was confronted with a question in regards to what has been previously stated above and he did not like it at all. Now Mrs. Hillary Clinton had she won, had claimed that she would fix what "She" created but as we all know how that played out, "She" lost the presidential election. There is some truth to the Republicans words when they say" what have the Democrats done but talk?" I consider myself neither Republican nor Democrat. In fact I like Mr. Bernie Sanders and what he stands for. Don't let his age stop your vote! H.T.B! Remember to

hear what they say, but watch what they do.

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