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When a person wears a mask, they use it to hide their real face. But the type of mask someone chooses to wear says a lot about themselves. There are many types of mask in this world. Some people will use their position of authority as a mask. Usually when people see authority figures, most will subconsciously associate them as an honest person, someone who is a protector and is upright. But for those who are untrue to their position, their demons will manifest through the mask of their authority power .

Others may use relationships as a mask. Some people may not like being alone, so they will cover their loneliness in the form of a relationship that they may not even want. Have you ever known anyone who would say things like "I don't love them but they are financially secure." Well this is another form of a mask ,because now that person will pretend they are in love, but in actuality they are in love with the "idea" of financial security. There are so many things going on right now in the world. I only hope that people are not fooled at election time by the masks of these politicians. "Remember!"they will do anything for your vote! It seems like we are forced to pick between the lesser of two evils, or either not vote at all. But it is always better to vote!

Don't let the Masks that you see these politicians wear stop you from voting. Better yet don't let the mask that people in our daily lives wear deter us from Understanding more about them. It is so easy to say that you don't like this person or that person without getting to know them. What would happen if you don't judge, extend a hand, introduce yourself and listen to this person who you were not comfortable with? Maybe just maybe you may find that they never wore a mask at all. But because you were so use to dealing with people who hide themselves, that you assumed they did the same thing too. Sincerity is a rarity, therefore skepticism is at an all time high, but don't let your skepticism give you the only glasses to see thru.

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