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Don't Forget About The Prisoners (Isaiah 42:7)

Worldwide the corona virus epidemic is claiming lives at an all time high. The world feels like absolute chaos. Many people may find themselves questioning the existence of a God. But how many of us lived our lives so fast that you've never paid attention to the last time you've prayed or gave the Creator any recognition for the good in your life. There is so much hate in the world. Where is the Love? Where is the compassion?

The American prison system is harboring both men and women for 2-thru 4 decades. There is a problem with overcrowding in certain American prisons, which have become, almost like Corona breeding grounds. We must learn that what affects one of us affects all of us citizens. But as in most cases, like the old cliché goes. "Out of sight, out of mind". This should not be. Corporate Greed is to blame in this instance like in many other instances. Instead of doing the right thing, all Corporate America and their bought, and paid for politicians seem to care about is Money, and how the Covid-19 virus is affecting the stock market. PRISONERS are considered PROPERTY and are also being traded on the stock market.

As usual no one seems to care about the Prisoners, nor the black community. Statics have shown that there are more black folks dying from the Corona virus than any other racial group. How is this possible? And guess what racial group makes up the majority of the American Prison System? No shit! Black folks. Although there has been a conclusion to begin letting non violent offenders out of prison. I ask what about some prisoners that have been incarcerated since either their teens or twenties, and have been in prison for 2 - 4 decades. I am actually talking about those who have been rehabilitated many years ago, and would be more beneficial in society than sitting in a cell. Let's take a look at people with 40 to 80 year sentences where no one died, in other words people with "defecto Life" (Life in numbers) whom have more than 20 years in. Broaden the Horizon.

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