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Does Patience Become An Enemy To Virtue?

The candles burned so gracefully to the eyes of the onlookers, who stood in prayer holding hands, eyes closed, heads bowed. It was the scene of another fresh neighborhood memorial. A photo of the victim lay within a 6 by nine gold trimmed frame, which rested on the ground in front of the place where the murder happened. Balloons, teddy bears, cards and tears filled the concrete in front of little Jerome's house. Sadness loomed even more deeply as blood curdling sounds of infants crying touched the souls of many whom stood by. Friends, family, and potential op's stood there in silence. "Op's" was a term used to describe enemies of little Jerome's neighborhood, but unfortunately, half the of the time those "ops" were people who actually lived in the same neighborhood that they did. Yes,the very friends closest to themselves, so the possibility of Jerome's killer attending this very memorial was not far fetched and weighed heavily upon little Jerome's mother's heart.

I just wanted to paint a scene of how cold reality is for some minorities in the ghettos of America. Me being a Black man, as well as, an incarcerated minority, I have been through my share of life's difficulties and harsh experiences. But being incarcerated and listening to other peoples stories I have come to understand more about the role of not only environment, family, school, friends, economics and places of worship that have a major influence on the minds of the men that I see every day, but the lack of genuine sincerity, whether that being from friends, family, the courts, parole etc.. Is one major factor in how a lot of men's mentality's in here have become socially hard. I appreciate all those whom I speak to on a regular basis. Their conversations have given me insight and shined a light onto the path of wisdom. I would like all of my readers to know worldwide that,"in the end we have to make change happen for ourselves, and those that do wait for no man". When does patience become an enemy to virtue? When the time is now!

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