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SHALOM! While incarcerated I often find myself listening to the stories of men with whom I've had the pleasure of meeting, although the circumstances are oppressive and I would have liked to me them while living as a free man, but we still recognize each other as comrades, fathers brothers, uncles, nephews or someone's son. With that being said there are many men who stories of how and why they've ended up behind bars, needs to be examined and looked at. Their stories need to be heard! Lately there has been a lot of talk about Mass Incarceration. It is a problem, and in Pennsylvania there are men, whose whole trial was blatantly unfair (please follow the head D.A in Philadelphia P.A Mr. Krasner). What I am shedding light on today is awareness. Now when I say awareness, I am speaking about having an ear to listen without passing judgement as to the who's ,what's, when's, where's and why's, as it pertains to someone's guilt before hearing their story. I know that most people believe that "well they've been tried and convicted in the court of law by a jury of their peers". Or some may believe or say" Come on now, you mean to tell me that the District Attorneys go as far, as to coercing witnesses, and or, not turning over important discovery that would prove that the person on trial did not commit the crime, or in some cases they may have been justified in their actions to protect themselves."

YES! Which leads me to my next point. I commend those whom are incarcerated that are using their voices to let the world know that they have been wronged by the trial court for previous things I've stated, or by the illegal fashion by which their conviction was obtained. Now I ask this question. How many documentaries have to be made before you as the public come together on a massive level and demand that these proven injustices be heard. One day, and YAH forbid, this could happen to a friend or family member of yours. An injustice to one of America's citizens, regardless of race ,class, demographics etc.. is an injustice to all of America's citizens.