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I guess now we have to be more descriptive when we say Black Lives Matter! I guess now we are in a place that we have to say "Black Women and Young Black Girls Lives Matter!!". The trending topic being R. Kelly and all of his alleged pedophilia of young black girls. How did this happen? I watched the documentary and one of the things that I've taken away from it as I listened to stories of these young ladies mothers fathers, aunts and friends, was that the common denominator after he'd been exposed and seen on video of urinating on young ladies, was that the parent or guardians of these young ladies still put their children in harm's way willingly by allowing them to attend concerts ,studio sessions or whatever else with this man. Now I ask this question what would be the motive for the decisions of these parents? Money is the only answer, it seemed as if some of these parents may have turned the blind eye, to say the least, to this man's supposed reputation. It seemed like some of these children were sold to this man. Could they have been this blind or naive?