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2018 Commentary

It will be 2019 before we know it! I would like to express my gratitude to all you who supported me by purchasing my book "Inspirational Thoughts Freedom Of The Truth From Within," by way of your, phone, laptop, computer, or wholesale (10 books or more from the Publishing Company heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness for your direct online purchases from Amazon, com, and/or Barnes & I hope that you've all received something from my words.

I apologize for the delay with my latest manuscript that I've written for the youth, but 2019 it will be coming out, I will keep you posted. I ask that for this upcoming year, we all try to see things more clearly through the eyes of wisdom. And not be tricked by these political hypocrites or any other kinds of masqueraders who come in the name of what may be beneficial for us.

I ask how is the Flint water situation coming along? It's been a while right? But as usual when it is a hot topic around election time all eyes are on whatever the hot topic is. Then as soon as the election smoke clears the media won't cover it any more, as if the issues just go away. I ask how many families will suffer this holiday season from lack of heat, putrid water, homelessness or just the lack of love. I challenge you of the free world to reach, teach or lend a hand to help lift each other up. If one person chooses to step up in the face of adversity to do the right thing out of love, than surely you can bring love into a place or situation where it never existed before. Life is no joke and positive profound examples are rare, but they do exist. They exist within the mind and hearts of the people.

Regardless of what a person's quote" social status" is or how much money they have or where they may work. Never underestimate your own power nor the value of your worth. When the hands of True Unity begin to link than real change will happen. What is your perspective on life? Do you let situations stop you? WAKE UP AND RECOGNIZE YOUR POWER! Cowards only exist due to lack of understanding themselves. BELIEVE!

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