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The Presidents Prison

The days are dark with only a speckle of light. The night sky which separates heaven from Earth only illuminates with a periodic passing of midnight clouds. The fog is thick. The coyotes are lurking, howling under the cover of darkness. Madness looms worldwide because of decisions made by the most powerful man in the world. Policymakers lie within the grip of his power, manipulation is their dessert, but their dinner is prepared by chefs who sauté their meals with the misery of immigrants, minorities, and those of foreign powers who bend to the will of this beast. "THE PRESIDENTS PRISON",Is growing more and more daily encompassing every aspect of human life.

Politics is now the mainstream by which our children judge one another ,not knowing what these standpoints mean, but only knowing what mommy and daddy believe. I say let's "Make Humanity Great Again". I ask, has the name "America "become an analogy for only "Privileged whites?" Or does America stand for immigrants whom became citizens, or the Africans who ancestors have been here since the beginning of the American dream, not by their own will but thru, via slave trade? What does America mean and stand for within the minds of policymakers, politicians, lobbyists, senators, legislators ,mayors, judges, police officers, magistrates, religious leaders, teachers, representatives, immigrants and those whose ancestors were brought here in chains?

America was always speculated to be the land of opportunity and Freedom. But did somehow Capitalism interfere? Did personal perspectives and beliefs of those who are in power manipulate this very system of Freedom? What does the 14th Amendment stand for? Is it true that a convicted Felon, although free due to the 13th Amendment, is now a slave according to the 14th amendment? Do prisoners have rights? It seems to me that this system of chaos forms a cloud of confusion, by which the courts spend years to figure out, meanwhile blatant injustices continue every day. How else do you explain actual innocence. There are so many people who are known not to have committed a crime, to the point where all evidence backs up a confession of the actual person who committed the crime that someone else is incarcerated for, yet still, the incarcerated innocent person still lies within a prison cell. Where is the justice? How long will the most powerful men/women of the world, who hold these coveted positions, allow these prisons/institutions to stand. Who will be the one to create a new" America, not the old of 1515-2018; but the new 2018?

America is more of an idea than an actual land. America lies within the hearts and minds of hard working citizens and immigrants who come here with a dream. When you vote this year really listen to each politicians message and are they representing the America that you want to see materialize. The people as a collective unit, thru the power of the vote, the voters, who are the actual wardens of American Freedom. But whatever the majority votes decide will become the future of either a prison, or the beginnings of those newly elected to power to lead the way toward Freedom.

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