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"Don't Merely Exist, But Live"

Reflect Truth 77.Com is not just a name but it is a way of life for all of those who are free as well as incarcerated. Reflect Truth 77.Com stands for independence, love, loyalty, life and for its followers to become truly liberated, regardless of one's standing or position in life. Everyone needs to be heard and to know that they matter. We all have the right to exist. And although this is very true, but I see it like this, we all have not only the right to exist, but we all have the right to live! And for all of the followers of Reflect Truth 77. Com I would like for you to take this slogan to heart. When you find yourself down and out, or abandon. Just remember that life goes on, so live!

Whether free or incarcerated don't give up on your dreams stay motivated and find ways to pursue them. When I use to speak about getting my book "Inspirational Thoughts Freedom Of The Truth From Within" published, people would say things like "man you're in jail, or who wants to hear what you have to say." I paid them no mind and pursed my dream regardless of my situation. While incarcerated I've spoken to the prison population more than 2 dozen times, whether in the prison chapel or the prisons auditorium. I was very surprised at how many men told me that they needed to read my book because they felt what I was speaking about, and that they needed to become inspired and motivated. Prison is a dark place and for my words to reach these men and shed light means the world to me. Freedom is what I work towards daily and I do believe that Yah (God), has my writing as part of a greater plan. I now have a worldwide platform and hope to connect with more people so please reach out by email directly to me or by this site, and I will get back as soon as possible ( please see my contact page with authors email information) Remember! Don't merely exist, but Live!!!

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