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With so many young men and young ladies graduating during this time of the year from high school. I wonder what life will bring them. Are these the same children whose eyes, smiles and cherry innocence of naïveté allowed them to dream in a world of unexpectedness? Or now that they have to venture into the real world and fend for themselves, will those same smiles and bright eyes remain the same? Will they continue to dream and believe that anything is possible? I believe that sugar coating reality could be dangerous for young people, especially young people of color. It is actual and factual that their reality is very different from that of their white counterparts.

When people stare through a glass of color the light may look different but the light is actually the same as any other colored or non colored glass. I use this to say that the light of the world is the intelligence within the minds of the young men and young ladies. This intelligence shines from black, brown, red, yellow and white brains all the same, but the perspectives of reality that their light shines through, will create an all together beautiful rainbow of thought, I call it the stained glass of intelligence. It is such a shame for someone to be judged and not ever given a chance due to lack of resources or classism.

Intelligence does not know poverty or circumstance, it's light will always, and has always, shone from the worst of ghettoes or circumstances. Whether from ancestors of those whom were enslaved, or from immigrants or the children of immigrants. Contributions of all people of color have been duly noted and etched within the annals of American History, which is more recent ,that is when thinking about 1515 when Hawkins set sail and began selling human beings. American history was dominated by slave traders, Masons and evicted criminals from Europe let us not forget. But today and going forward it is clear that the future will be in the hands of the immigrants and descendants of those enslaved TRUTH!

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