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"Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom of the Truth from Within"

I was 24 years old at the time when I found myself having to defend myself during a physical confrontation, with a officer. I was shot five times while attempting to surrender. It was later discovered the officer involved in the confrontation, had consumed alcohol. I was and still am incarcerated. I continue to seek and await justice.

The reason I chose "Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom of The Truth From Within," to be the title of my first published book, is because of the life altering circumstances that I was going through. I was down in the pit of darkness. I found myself in a place where hope is scarce and the environment is designed to break a man's spirit. I was a young man,31 years of age, who found himself incarcerated for 7 years at the time, when I began to write. My appeals were often denied.

At the time that I began writing "Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom of The Truth From Within." I've lost 2 grandmothers, 2 uncles, and 1 aunt while incarcerated. My son, family and I have a close supportive relationship. Although the long 5.5 hour travel distance for visits, often impacted the number of physical visits received.

One night I prayed and just sat still. I mean really still, I remember being in such deep thought searching for answers and solutions for the problems in my life. But it wasn't until I let the thought of my problems subside, in order to give my mind a rest, that the answer suddenly came upon me. Look inside yourself and find the motivation from inside of you that keeps you going against all odds! From that moment on I immediately began writing deep inner thought poetry, which I titled "Inspirational Thoughts Freedom of The Truth From Within."

Now here it is 2018 and although I still find myself incarcerated I am extremely positive towards justice prevailing. I continue writing, and have several non-poetic works plus 4 more Volumes of "Inspirational Thoughts Freedom of The Truth From Within." I am very concerned with our youth today and have written a manuscript that is geared towards both youth, and parents. I really hope to have this work available soon. I appreciate all of you who have been faithful and supportive. I wish you all the best and I would like to hear from you. Take care!

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