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THE N*GG* Condition

Is the time right for the liberation of the mentally dead to become resurrected? I know this question maybe a little confusing. The obvious answer would be yes, correct? But how does one know if one is mentally dead. Well I ask if are you aware of your condition? The condition of which I speak is on a more inclusive unified condition? For instance the unemployment rate of blacks in America is slowly rising. However,are you the type of person who believe that if people of your own race are unemployed it doesn't affect you? If so then you are mentally dead when it comes to the liberation of your own people. As the late great Marcus Mosiah Garvey said,"Until us black folks unify and begin to do for ourselves collectively then we will constantly be looked down upon by other races of men. They don't particularly hate us,but they hate our condition! Up you Mighty Nation you can accomplish what you will."

There is a lot of talk about the N-word. In etymology (the study of word origins) The word n*gg*r and negro are rooted in the word "necro" which means death, like necromancy. This point brings me back to the title of this blog "The N*gg* Condition, in other words the "Dead Condition" Which I classify as being mentally dead: being uncaring or oblivious towards one's condition of fellow members of their own race survival, advancement, knowledge, wisdom and/or understanding what motivates or aspire people.

Love for one's self, family and community is the foundation of survival. But to someone of a " N*gg* Conditioned Mind"they cannot ,and may not ever see it this way. As a matter of fact some of the biggest examples of a "N*gg* Conditioned Mind" are some of the comments spewed from the lips of some wealthy black athletes, politicians, businessmen, models etc. Back in the 80's there was a particular black athlete whose sneakers were so expensive that many black youth who looked up to this athlete robbed, and killed for a pair of his sneakers. But as long as he, himself got rich he appeared not to care. There is no need to even speak this person's name we all know who it is. Mothers around the country wanted him to speak to the youth or even get him to drop the price of the sneakers, or just to speak up about many injustices that black people face but his reply "Republicans buy sneakers too!" This is a classic example of a "N*gg* Conditioned Mind.".

People with this type of mind will say things like I would support Black lives matter but I don't want to be seen as racist. This is absurd. How is it that any time a black person try to bring attention to the condition of our people we get labeled as being racist? Answer,"The cries of the oppressed worry the oppressor so every now and then they will throw black people a bone or two. "But please just stay dead mentally and I promise I will create new programs for government funding." Meanwhile they continue to build prisons, close schools, or loan money or funding to anyone other than black folks to build and invest in their own communities or neighborhoods.

People who are of the N*gg* conditioned mind cannot see the problems or just do not care. We as a people have all sorts of ideas to solve problems. we can begin by joining community advisory boards,etc. We as a race have plenty of men and women with creative and brilliant minds. Let's listen to the call of the racist 'trump-et," and awaken ourselves out of the state of the N*gga conditioned mind!

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