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Hello, today I again express a vision of mine becoming a possible reality. I speak as a concerned Black man who want to see his fellow black people to succeed by joining together economically by investing when possible, their funds together for their common good and mutual future benefit. Although, I am quite sure that I am one of many who would like to see the same thing. I ask the question, aren't you tired of seeing other ethnic groups purchase land and start up businesses in your neighborhoods that you patronize, only to be looked down upon and despised? Without getting emotional, I ask the question, why do you think these same referred to ethnicity then discriminate against the residents living in the neighborhood by charging higher prices to purchase small items such as soap or toothpaste and higher fees for maintenance of our cars, apartments and homes?

I believe that the late great Marcus Garvey said it best and I quote “these different ethnicity don't hate us but they hate our condition." If this is so than what is our condition? Or better yet what is our condition that these different ethnicity see when looking at and judging us? Could it be the way that we, not all of us, but some of us treat our own neighborhoods, our women? Or could it be the way that we seemingly find ways not to come together? I have a vision that will and can change all of this. I propose that we black folks create our own "Economic Holiday “ that is strictly centered on buying and purchasing land within our own communities. I propose that we call this day "Black Folks Collective Economic Month (B.F.C.E.M).” And this would take place in March right after Black History Month. News flash those abandoned houses are the treasures of our neighborhoods. But we have to see it like that. Because if we don't other ethnic individuals will. For example, let's say 10 People in the neighborhood put in $500.00 well that's $5,000.00 right there. I'm quite sure if people would invest their money together and focus on investing within their community would be more productive and serve a greater purpose in both the short and long term. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of collectively investing into our own community, helps ourselves and one another.

The power that we collectively could manifest is a great force given to us by YHWH, (Yah), Elohim, will bless you, when you decide to use it for good. I ask that you just imagine the younger generation of mothers and fathers collectively investing their money together with the sole purpose of buying one property at a time i.e.) homes in foreclosure, or blighted properties. Then collectively repair them to either rent or sell to individuals and families within their own communities, or to someone who wants to start a small business, such as a mom and pop store within the neighborhood thus empowering themselves.

I challenge anyone out there who could make this idea a reality to do so. We as a people have to empower, visualize, and seek our own opportunities. I'm just saying this may be a dream but this is one that needs to come true.

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