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"What's It All About,"

What's it all about?, The chaos, the lies, the deception, the greed. The fake love, the frauds who pretend to care, who pretend to believe. But only associate out of guilt. That's right they associate from a place of no substance, no backbone. Cowards who walk among the fearless can never understand a real man. Only people with dignity, morals, respect and honor, can truly receive the connection of understanding which is a shared feeling of joy, which occurs when two hands embrace in that moment of time, while staring at each other eye to eye. This leads to a feeling of genuineness, honor and mutual respect for one another.

I mention these expressions, because in today's world these traits seems to be missing. Adults should strive to teach morals by embodying principles that hold enough weight. When the children or young adults see you displaying positive qualities, they will begin to emulate those qualities and seek your guidance or advice. You will be recognized as a individual of respect because of your character and integrity. Such is the law of life. People will naturally follow the strong, but when the strong are weakened by negativity, this forces the young people to emulate a watered down version of real men or women, who themselves have already compromised their morals and principals. These deceivers will teach their Conrad's to see life as they see it. This is a real problem.

Ask yourself do you want your child seeing life through the eyes of a coward or through the eyes of a real individual? Real men or women know their purpose in life and how to avoid the pitfalls of life. They will know when it is time to stand for something, or when it's time to fight. Cowards know when it's time to fight, but will avoid confrontation even if it means their demise. Real men stand up for their rights in life.

How weary is the man who has self doubt, who travels like a roach scurrying all about. How strong is a real man, full of confidence and clout? A man of action and solutions. "What's It All About."

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