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Illegal or legal Alien’s in America?

Undocumented workers, they cook they clean, some even do lawn service. Yes! Undocumented! Illegal! Alien! Workers - Born dreaming, in their land of birth, only to die worthless, But within the land of America, the Dreamers of some of these workers now live with a purpose. Wrong or right all want to live and die free! But how can this be? With such hate in the laws- which reflect the power, of a hateful ideology? I thought this was a land of equal life, liberty and justice for all.

The Illegal Alien, in other words, people who have no legal rights, but do have the rights of humanity. Which to me are the only rights which matter? However, according to certain politicians these undocumented, Illegal, Alien, Workers can and never will be seen as human beings (they cannot vote). And after all, isn't this the most important thing that politicians care about?

The illegal immigrant versus a nation whose forefathers only dreamed of a white America, not an America whose life blood could possibly become dependent upon diverse Illegal workers doing manual labor at costs which no American citizen would work for. This society being capitalistic will always find ways to deceive Uncle Sam. Some of which are big time corporations that operate within America’s heartland.

If Yah, were judging this nation which I am sure that this is happening right now. If this case was brought before the judge of heaven who would be the defendant and who the plaintiff? Would it sound like this, "America versus the Illegal Alien?" Or would it sound like this, "The Illegal Alien Versus America"? I say this with no disrespect. America is the best country in the world but it's history has been plagued by some of the most heinous acts known to man ,the biggest being chattel slavery and Jim Crow laws. The past repeats it's self in strange ways, as if to give humanity another shot to do the right thing. Not only should Illegal America apologize to these intelligent hardworking human beings. But America should let the Dreamers continue to be free to contribute to society and to fulfill their dreams.

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