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What Is A Man's Worth?

Life is a funny thing sometimes. We laugh, we play, have fun then die. But what will you be remembered for when you die? Truly, a man shall be judged by the way he lived. How did he treat his wife, children, friends and neighbors? What did he do for the community? I ask all readers of Reflect to pay attention to what is missing in their homes, neighborhood and schools.

A man’s worth, his value upon the delicate fabrics of life, should never be understated nor overlooked. There is an old proverb that states “behind every strong man there is a strong woman" This statement is absolutely correct. But I say “standing alongside every strong man there is a strong woman.

Men of rich moral spirit and high character recognize equality. But when these types of men are nowhere to be found within our communities as leaders our schools as teachers, then a vacuum is created. A positive male image cannot be shoved to the side, nor the possibility that men of vision have to create strong foundations within the minds of our youth.

We live in a time where the lack of men stepping up in our communities to take charge is producing a void in the minds and hearts of our youth. Can a lamb raise a lion? Or a bear? Can a cat raise a bird? Better yet, I ask can either one of these raise