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Everyone Is Responsible

Does the world need love? Or does the world need a better understanding of one another and a reevaluation of our morals? Back in the eighties there was a beautiful song, that was collaborated by some of the most popular artist of the time. One of them being the late great Michael Jackson. The song was called "We Are The World". It is such a beautiful song,which to me, expressed the highest form of humanity. Love, Compassion, Understanding and Hope!

One line of the song says "we are the world, we are the future, we are the ones who make a brighter day so lets start giving." There has been a massive worldwide shake up since the January 20, 2017 Inauguration. The hate filled ignorant rhetoric of such bias filled policies are so in your face, laws like these have not been seen since Jim Crow or Hitler. The worldwide protest attest to the displeasure of 21st Century racism.

It's as if the final "Trumpet" has been sounded and the last days and Armageddon are upon us. But does man have any power to create a destiny of peace? Or is the fate of the world preordained for destruction. I like to believe that man can create a peaceful future based upon the tenacious words of past peace makers, whom the modern day tyrants love to forget about. I mean who really influenced or influence these men and/or woman of power? It's as if they want to live by the book of tyrants and dictators. But as always Yah (God) will have the final say against any and all corruption. But the "world" (the people) have to come up with solutions, and be willing to stand for the right thing even if that means taking their stand against the "Powers" that be.

I wonder how many will actually stand even with the threat of losing their jobs, such as senators, mayors, judges, representatives, congressmen, woman, or just the average everyday citizen? I end with this. If the world is on fire, how many will it take to put the fire out?

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