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Will Love Trump Hate?

Today In America we have now entered into the Trumpian Age. I say this because of the position that Trump holds,will allow him to place others of his mindset and ideology into positions that will uphold his beliefs long after he leaves office. This is only the beginning of the outright in your face white supremacy that Trump actually ran his campaign on. And I quote "Make America Great Again" was nothing more than a secret call to white surpremist everywhere.

Although America as a Society needs work, the case can be made that the diversity of many different ethnic groups has contributed alot to the greatness of America. But unfortunately The Trumpian ideology and all of it's followers do not see it that way. Where does hate come from? Children are not born hating one another. All supremacy ideology and hate rhetoric is taught. Now there is a real problem in America. The children in grade school all the way to college are becoming even more violent and belligerent towards one another.

I am a believer that hate is a disease of the mind. And the whole Trump campaign has been nothing but the lowest of morale infused with the highest of bigoted rhetoric flooding every media air wave and every newspaper across America. It is because of this that the true haters of America, and I mean this post civil rights movement America, have been slandering the greatness of many different ethnic groups that have been growing in business and contributing in many positive ways to this great country since the civil rights era. When either Trump or his supporters say and I quote"Were going to make America Great Again,"what they are really saying is, "we" as in Trump's collective conscious supporters in politics, which he being the spokesman for the knew age white supremacy movement are and I quote "Going To Make America Great Again". There should be no shock to what America is now facing as a nation. Hate is rampant, and the idea of inclusiveness is at stake. W.L.T.H?

"Don't hate me, love yourself."

Charlton Earle' Jennings

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