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“Freedom vs. Money / Democracy and Capitalism"

What is freedom? I ask this question in the truest sense of the word, well, what I believe to be the truest sense of the word. As far as money goes, we all know what money is. But what I find to be interesting is the age old perception that money will bring happiness.

But can money bring a man or woman freedom? Well I suppose that in some cases the answer would be yes. I've elaborated over the combination of freedom and money which seems could be an anthem of a Democratic Capitalistic society. But the truest concept of the word freedom could be an abstract; while money would be material capital of any form by which, all people need to have in order to survive.

I believe that the power of the word freedom lies within an individual's perception that seeks to find it. But true freedom is not something material that can be possessed by hand, nor can it be summed up by any one definition. Woe to any who seek freedom and believe that they've found it, as if, whatever their personalized perception is of freedom has suddenly materialized to them.

Freedom is a feeling of tranquility and peace. When will people realize that true freedom comes from with