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"The Way of The World"

The year is 2016 and there is an attempt by a great deceiver to win over the minds of the people through their frustrations by appealing to their hate. This great deceiver is just doing what he was born to do. Politics and Religion do go hand in hand sometimes, especially during election time. This great deceiver will never be able to hide their truest nature, regardless of how hard they may try. Could it be that he who attempts to wear the mask of love will be seen and foretold of, because of his heart of hate? Many people follow their party leaders with a sort of blind faith.

Some followers themselves being good stand up people are now seen compromising their integrity for the love of right, in order to justify a corporate sociopath, whom they themselves have placed their hope and faith in.

The Way of The World places politicians in a position of such power that now the people have come to fear them more than they do their own Creator whom they are suppose to worship.

Do not be fooled by these politicians who will put on a religion or denomination as if putting on a new jacket. Why is it that people follow so blindly other men's or women's visions? The power lies within the people. But the power to manipulate the masses is given to the politicians! Beware!

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