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"Relationships Between The Free And Incarcerated"

All I hear is negativity, that is whether or not if "someone's friend is with someone, who they believe is not right for them." Sometimes it is just best for peoples friends to not say anything at all in regards to their friends or family members relationships.

I speak from the standpoint of an incarcerated man. Life is much different behind these walls when it comes to relationships with "wives, girlfriends, fiancée's and whatever other title one chooses to place on their relationships. As being a man whom people respect I am often asked by many men within these walls for some advice. The advice varies from how to become a better man, or father, or how did I last in a relationship for longer than a dozen years with the same woman that I was with at the time of my incarceration. The last question came down to an unconditional love at the time. I tell men often that if you are involved in a relationship with someone who you do not respect, love, honor or trust ,and these feelings must be mutual, than you cannot ever expect to have a true bond. A true bond can never be broken and it can never be forced. A true bond is natural and loyal period.

In my case for years I was blessed with someone who was all of those things and more. Incarcerated men must understand their situation and be realistic. Regardless of what we have to offer in regards to a relationship our # 1 goal is Freedom. And just like any relationship people must have each other's back and support one another. There are more ways to satisfy women than just being physical. I tell the young men in here to work on bettering themselves for their children's sake and try to be as supportive of their wives, girlfriends or children's mother as possible.

That is why I support the young men as much as possible to keep the doors with their relationships open but all good things come to an end. I tell them not to be upset if that door closes. Just stay true to yourself and other doors will open. It did for me

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