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"Mom, Happy Mother's Day"

Mom, the warmth of your hands on cold winter nights as we walked, just those few seconds of your hand upon my face warmed my soul.

The love that you showed me was priceless.

The lessons you taught me are close to my heart.

The dinners and sacrifices you made, I will always remember.

The tears you cried, and how you kept it together, I was a witness.

The strength in you, is in me too, so whatever I go through, I’m always alright. Yes, when I was young, I was hard headed, and you would voice your opinion loud and clear!

The times you thought I didn’t listen those are times now that I hear. Maybe not then but, I hear you today and in the future.

I finally understand I was young and stupid, now I’m a man with morals, principals, ideologies and philosophies.

The road that I traveled is what made me grow. My outlook and perspective is far better, than ever before. Please understand you raised a man built for any weather. I love and miss you. I appreciate everything you did, and do for me.

Mom, you are my heart. I appreciate and thank YAHWEH, for the love you give to me. May Yah bless you always, because you deserve every happiness!

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