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"Be Thankful"

Let's be thankful for our family and friends, but most of all let us be thankful for the Creator being in our lives regardless of our circumstances. Life is about experiencing both the good and the bad. No one is the same, nor will all of our experiences be the same as someone else. However, some experiences may have some similarities in common.

That is why it is important for us to share our stories because you never know who your story may help, or possibly save. A man who experiences joy loves to share their joy, but when a man experiences pain he is not so quick to share, especially if that pain is in the form of humility. But the strong will grow from humility and recognize that growth is the soil that all seeds must sprout from. Growth usually comes in the form of pressure, that feels like your being buried just like a seed.

Having belief in yourself, and faith in the Creator is the water needed to sprout growth through the soil. The soil enables you to grow leaves from the light of the sun. Yah, has created nothing that doesn't fight to live.

"Everything in existence had to struggle, and all things have a story to tell"

Quote by: Charlton Earl'e Jennings

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