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"Why Should Our Children Dream"

Hello, I send my gratitude to all of the followers of Reflect Truth The idea of this topic came to me while I was watching the News. Why should our children dream? Was a question that overcame me, as I thought about the many problems experienced by children and youth throughout the world.

There is so much mayhem in the world. Children are our future so whatever they dream will inspire them to become that. But how does this happen? The children are no different than we were growing up. I want you to think, what did you see that made you go" I want to do that?" or "l want to become that ?"

We have to present positive images to our children of what we want them to become or something that they want to become. The latter, being more compromising to the adult because it entails a willingness from the adult to ensure to their child, that they are taking their child's feelings into consideration, and are listening to them which is very important.

It is on us adults to make sure that our children are exposed to positive things. Our children are the foundation by which Yah creates the future. Yah uses the minds of the children to shape our future world. Woe to you who manipulate the children to do wickedness! And woe to you who judge the youth and have no mercy in your hearts for them! For surely Yah will not let you throw away the youth nor treat them as throw a ways. What will happen in the future when the youth obtain the reigns of power?!

"Why Should Our Children Dream? Our children should dream for us all. Not only dream but live their dreams, so the future reality can be the best reality for society as a whole. Now I want you to think about what the future would be like if the children did not dream; or if their dreams were meaningless, containing no valuable substance.

"If the dreams of the children cease to be, then expect nightmares!"

Quote by: Charlton Earle' Jennings

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