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The Evil of Innocence

I know that the title of this blog is rather bizarre. But think about it, if innocence is pure than how on earth could it be evil? This is the question I wonder about when I hear about some big banks agree to give innocent college students desiring to become someone in life; outlandish loans they have difficulty repaying for a variety of life issues.

Then there are the children that no one takes the time to invest in their education. The children of whom I speak are the Mocha, Dark Hue, young Black, and Latino children through no fault of their own live below the poverty level. These children often appear to be invisible to some political elitist or local politicians that pass budgets, and who close neighborhood schools. What about the majority of America's black missing children, that don't receive much T.V. and media exposure about their missing cases? Could it be their innocent brown faces, dark brown eyes, tight wooly curly hair attributing to society's devaluing their importance or humanity?

Why is the innocence of our children a none factor? There are countless examples re: the evil of innocence reference, I am speaking about. However, I am also speaking about the appearance of innocence of various institutions whether it be educational, political, banking, or media etc. These institutions are established by wealthy individuals, and managed by alleged honest suit wearing CEO professionals that reside in upper and suburban neighborhoods. They can afford to send their children to best schools. There's nothing wrong with this. What is of concern is the powerful decisions they make daily, their potential consequence on the minorities and poor in society. If they misuse their position for greed to exercise any form of bias racist ideologies; or to inflict suffering on the "truly innocent masses;" then these type of individuals need to be called out. Due to the fact that they have no morals or integrity.