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"Conscious Racism and Unconscious Racism"

Hello and Happy New Year! I appreciate all of you who view and follow Reflect I am also very appreciative and grateful to all the consumers of "Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom Of The Truth From Within." This Blog was not written to bash any public servants or officials. My purpose is to express my own personal opinion, and to shine light on a problem affecting primarily "black citizens" who sadly became or will become future victims of police abuse, (while driving, walking, shopping, standing, living, laughing, sleeping or breathing while black).

Well here we are in the year of 2016, yet many of the social issues that plagued American Society for countless years and generations, still linger with the horrible stench of both conscious, and unconscious racism. The other day I listened to Tamir Rice's mother speak on the TV One news. It was very sad to hear the mother of a deceased 12 year old child, whom lost her son to violence by the hands of a white Cleveland Ohio police officer. She elaborated about various efforts she had made, in order to obtain justice on behalf of her son.

It concerned me when she said that certain black leaders did not return her phone calls, in regard to possibly obtaining support from them, in her quest to seek justice for her now deceased 12 year old son Tamir Rice.