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"Conscious Racism and Unconscious Racism"

Hello and Happy New Year! I appreciate all of you who view and follow Reflect I am also very appreciative and grateful to all the consumers of "Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom Of The Truth From Within." This Blog was not written to bash any public servants or officials. My purpose is to express my own personal opinion, and to shine light on a problem affecting primarily "black citizens" who sadly became or will become future victims of police abuse, (while driving, walking, shopping, standing, living, laughing, sleeping or breathing while black).

Well here we are in the year of 2016, yet many of the social issues that plagued American Society for countless years and generations, still linger with the horrible stench of both conscious, and unconscious racism. The other day I listened to Tamir Rice's mother speak on the TV One news. It was very sad to hear the mother of a deceased 12 year old child, whom lost her son to violence by the hands of a white Cleveland Ohio police officer. She elaborated about various efforts she had made, in order to obtain justice on behalf of her son.

It concerned me when she said that certain black leaders did not return her phone calls, in regard to possibly obtaining support from them, in her quest to seek justice for her now deceased 12 year old son Tamir Rice.

I am of the position that we "black" citizens need to find peaceful solutions that will deter gung ho police officers excessive abuse of "black" citizens; that reside in urban communities the police patrol. I ask this question where were the gung ho officers when a armed to the teeth, white militia group took over a Federal building in the state of Oregon?

I am of the mindset that "black" citizens need solutions. Yah forbid that any peaceful 'black protesters march with any weapons, and attempt to protest in the manner that they did in Oregon. Again, I do not recommend complaining without solutions. We as a people need solutions. I am looking forward to you the viewers of Reflect Tuth77. com website to comment positively or negatively, regarding my following proposed alternative solution titled: Citizens of the Black Community.

"Citizens of the Black Community"

by Charlton Earle' Jennings

  1. There should be at least two (2) people Community Citizen Representatives (CCR) citizens of the Black community, from every district in where complaints of abusive police officers originate. The Community Citizen Representatives (CCR) assistance is requested by a community member residing in the district where the altercation took place. The CCR's duties would be to act as a supportive advocate between the police and citizens; and to strictly document the citizen's complaints about excessive abusive officers being made by the complaint , family, or citizen within the neighborhoods . he Community Citizen Representatives (CCR) would alternate on call status for notification c/o phone calls or text, from citizens, when an excessive physical confrontation, or arrest has been made. The CCR is not to get involved personally or physically, nor obstruct justice in anyway. they are to be a objective liaison advocate on behalf of the citizen requesting assistance. CCR's interview citizens, collect needed documentation, from concerned citizens within the community. The collected information is then reviewed by the CCR's Advisory Board.

  2. The (2) Community Citizen Representatives (CCR) shall be trained and paid wages for their services. They would be a direct representative and liaison of their community who would report their findings of questionable police abuse to a grassroots designated community advisory board. The Advisory board is composed of a number of selected black and diverse community leaders, organizations, and volunteers. The (2) Community Citizen Representatives (CCR) final report and documentation of alleged complaints of police abuse to a designated unbiased Court official, and/or neutral Community Review panel. Initially, the Advisory Board may start as a grassroots volunteer organization, become a viable nonprofit community organization and create jobs. This would bring awareness to the ears of those in power to make a change prior to things escalating out of control, and be a just, peaceful, preventive, and accountability tool between the "black" and "brown" citizens within the community and the police dept. Very rarely have any abusive officers ever been chastised. People livimg within the black community would feel more comfortable knowing they have representatives they trust and who care.

  3. The (2) Community Citizen Representatives (CCR) would be voted on by the citizens within their districts. They would work closely with public elected officials and representatives within the district where the citizens of the designated black community reside. The selected (2) Community Citizen Representatives (CCR)'s primary duty is to bear witness in regards to upholding the 8th Amendment Constitutional right, which protects all citizens of all nationalities including "Blacks" from any Cruel or Unusual punishment.

Again, it is my belief that these ideas could assist the urban community as a preventive and accountable essential tool to decrease excessive and often fatal police abuse within communities. I believe that people who reside within poor blighted urban neighborhoods with higher incidents of arrest rates, alleged police abuse complaints, would be more comfortable knowing that they have someone they can trust to be a community advocate for them. The (2) hired Community Citizen Representatives(CCR)'s salaries are paid through a objective nonprofit community organizational grant.

Although all people technically are represented by political elected officials during an election year, where are they in the "black" and "brown" communities during non election years? What the black community need is people who strictly represent us, are true upholders of the law. We need people whose only job is to be the Watchmen on the wall, to bear witness on behalf of the "Black", and "Brown" people who are unjustly profiled, targeted and caught up in countless questionable arrest and fatal statistics by "rouge" police officers, who patrol within these taxpaying communities, and have no justifiable accountability to all its citizens.

Question: What kind of a human being whose job is to uphold the law by protecting and serving the citizens of the country treat its citizens so inhumanly?

Answer: A public servant who may suffer from unchecked psychological problems, stemming from Unconscious Racism, or Conscious Racism, or the White Privilege Superiority Complex.

"Do you see in me, what I see when I look at myself?

Do you see in you what I see when you look at yourself?

How would you know unless we get to know each other?

Then become open to communicate honestly with one another."

Charlton Earle' Jennings

Quote excerpt taken from "Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom of The Truth From Within."


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