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"Has America Become a Fraudulent Society?"

Has America become a fraudulent society? There are a million topics that I could cover, that would explain my reason for asking such a question. But I will only stick to a few. As being a so called "African American" or quote "Black," neither of which are even a nationality, but that is another topic. As a man born and raised in this nation the USA, sometimes I wonder if all of us are suppose to all be equal citizens of the USA, then why is there so much exploitation? Why do we choose to be a capitalistic society rather than a just society? Personally and morally I believe being a just society is best. However, it seems since we live in a capitalistic society, everything seems to be all about the money, the almighty dollar. This is where the problem lies. The fact that the United States Constitution is probably one of the best ever written, may still need occasional revised addendums to address today's current societal changes.

Ideally, if all citizens of our society, regardless of race, gender, economic class, religion, career status, or profession adhere to the constitution, America would be in a better place. We often hear of people who bend rules in order to enact their own their own racially bias agenda, or for their own selfish monetary gains derived at the expense of others. Some citizens are intentionally mislead by employers, leaders, and elected officials, who legally agree to represent, protect and serve the citizens according to the USA Constitution, ethics, employment policies and the Federal guidelines, stipulated in the United States Constitution.

In the media, you often hear about people who began their career as prosecutors, and campaign for judgeship, boast of having prosecuted or handed down hundreds of years in totality during their career, not counting the life sentences given out. Some legal professionals representing citizens, have been accused of prosecutorial misconduct; because they purposely mislead, ignored, tampered with potential or relevant evidence pertinent to exploit certain cases, and who abused their power. Don't misunderstand me. Yes, there are plenty of people who deserve to be in prison, some who are actually innocent, as well as others who have changed and deserve a second chance.

Now, to redirect my attention from fraudulent people in power positions, to fraudulent ordinary people. Exploitation of the people saga continue in other avenues. I'm sure you've seen men on TV talk shows accused of being a child's father until a DNA paternity test proved that he wasn't the father. Then the woman laughs, and says he still has to pay child support because his name is on the birth certificate, and he believed her when she said he was the biological father. Unlike the father, the woman isn't legally or financially penalized for the fraud she committed. This could deprive a man from being a father that cares and want to parent their children.

This is a society that tells the children one thing, but the very people who masquerade as role models and upstanding citizens, are some of the same people committing fraud in the eyes of the public. For example, hypothetically how can a teacher who molested children receive less time than a individual who defended themselves? It's time for America to get a moral reality check. Now, that we are entering into another election, people are again being lied to, and exploited by masquerading politicians whose sole interest and purpose is to secure their vote.

I could go on and on, but I conclude with this question, Has America, become a Fraudulent Society? "When a fool believes that no one can see them for who they really are. They will continue their masquerade as if the world owes them something. That is until the world uncovers their veil, to reveal their true face. It is at that moment that the world realizes that they've been had, by a fraud who will then lose all their power, and then be forced to bear their shame forever!" Quote by Charlton Earle' Jennings, author of "Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom of The Truth From Within"

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