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Mr. Harry Houck of CNN,Why So Much Attitude?"

Hello, today I speak from the point of wonderment. The other day Mr. Harry Houck, a CNN Analyst and ex-cop, made comments about a young lady, a young teenage black girl, whom supposedly was acting up in school. I was very sad to see a grown man (a police officer at that) act so inhumane towards a young black female teenager. The officer actually appeared to use excessive physical force by using choke holds, pummeling actions, and physically throwing the sixteen year old female student across the class room floor. Thank goodness for the video. Anyone who watched it witnessed the young lady being knocked out of her chair, and mangled on the floor as if she was a grown man. Truthfully no human or animal should be treated that way.

Mr. Harry Houck, with being an ex-police officer how could you in good conscious justify the way the officer handled the situation? You Mr. Harry Houck stated and I quote "she did not comply with the officers orders." In other words you seem to imply that the young lady got what she deserved, and that the officer involved actions should be justified in accordance to the law, and justified within the eyes of the public. Mr. Harry Houck I have one question for you, why so much attitude?

I've watched you speak on so many countless issues regarding police encounters. Thank goodness we now live in the age of the video camera. I've listened to you rant on about Ferguson, New York city, Baltimore as well as many other issues. It appears that every time one of your fellow officers are involved in a serious situation you tend to justify their actions as always being correct. I'm glad that the public who watched and witnessed the referred to video that involved the black teenage female, was able to also witness your morals and lack of compassion. But because of your stance, I guess your slogan would be "No Compliance, No Compassion." It's my opinion this is just a sick way to justify your fellow officers.

Any parent or human being would've felt something for that child, that young lady is someone's daughter, sister, niece, aunt, or friend. It clearly appears that you lack compassion when it comes to blacks, regardless of their race, gender, occupation or circumstances from which some of these ridiculous and often serious situations arise, especially being a CNN Analyst or Consultant. Mr. Harry Houck Why So Much attitude?

" A man's truest thoughts will reveal themselves when their emotions are attached to their brothers pain." Charlton Earle' Jennings

"When the lights come on, then I will see the real you, no longer a mask in a dark room." Quote taken from my book "Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom Of The Truth From Within."

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