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"The World Is A Flame"

This quote came to me about eight years ago when I was contemplating about my life. I found myself incarcerated for 7 years on a 34 1/2 to 71 year sentence. The court system was a joke and my case was sabotaged. I lost several very close family members. In addition, I found myself in the RHU (Restricted Housing Unit) aka the hole, for 8 1/2 months. This was a real important period in my life that entailed a lot of introspection and self reflection. I asked myself four significant questions. Where do I go from here? What is my purpose? What kind of person am I, and what am I suppose to do in life?

It was at this moment, the moment of my reality. The knowing and realization that this is the lowest point in my life. But, what am I going to do about it? Because truly I am not the only human being suffering I thought to myself. It was during this time I really thought about becoming a writer and an author. I really began to focus on the world news, by reading different newspapers, magazines, books and news programs that dealt with different perspectives, versus just one type of media. Most important I began to listen to other incarcerated men who are fathers, sons, uncles, etc. I could hear some cry out in pain. Some who would sing, some who would scream, some who would talk about God, and some who would cry out loud. Then there were others in the hell of the RHU (Restricted Housing Unit), who would say nothing at all for months; they would be so medicated that they were basically zombies.

As I prayed and asked YHWH for guidance and strength, my eyes were opened to all the chaos going on in society as well. I recognized the similarities and the relations between prison and the free world. Such as the drugs, murder, bullying, wars, police brutality, and crime. In my opinion, these stated problems have two common root factors; the lack of understanding of self and others, as well as the lack of compassion for others and self. I am a firm believer that if these two elements are missing from society then society will continue to burn in the fear, hate, inequality, lies, racism, greed, and individual differences.

Within this capitalistic society people are taught to get ahead by any means possible, and to forget about what others think. People have adapted to an unnatural cold heartedness, and to avoid being in the lower class of life. In a capitalistic society, happiness and success is defined by money, position and power. And may YHWH, bless those who have neither.

During my time in isolation I experienced a very deep self reflection and introspection. I realized the world can be a physical or mental prison. The one I'm referring to is a materialistic prison that's being overseen by devils! For example, large corporations who exploit people by paying them low wages, and not agreeing to raise the minimum wage. The Media who willingly spend millions promoting the dominate elite society's agenda, which usually is usually never in favor of society's oppressed citizens. Why is it that the privatization of prisons doesn't get enough coverage? Human beings are valued as nothing more than property, according to the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution slavery does exist if you are a convicted felon. DON'T BE BLIND!

The laws of the land are getting more petty by the year. Stop and frisk, not to mention how some counties are targeting blacks and issuing tickets on trumped up violations i.e.) Ferguson. They were allegedly making six figures a year by trumping up charges and tickets on black citizens, this is ridiculous!! Some of America's education system ranks low in comparison to other world countries. It is time to treat all American citizens justifiably equal and fairly. We all count. Truly we are all reflections of one another, and we all share similar pain. Let's begin to share some happiness and peace, by having compassion and understanding of one another. My realization has brought me to recognize that thought proceed action. Therefore, in order to be truly free we must first be free from the "Prisons of the Mind "It is my desire for my poetry book "Inspirational Thought: Freedom Of The Truth From Within" to inspire others living in a free society, or who may be incarcerated.

"Materialistic illusions of the mind. We manifest the pitiful reality, prisons of the mind." CEJ

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