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"Broadening Horizons"

Reflect Truth is broadening horizons by remaining positive and shining light. I hope to make the world a better place. If any of my blogs can reach just even one person to inspire them when they are down, or to motivate them against all odds, then that is a win and a blessing.

I speak as a man though incarcerated, I'm trying to the best father I can be, and a positive example to my son. I want to show him that anything is possible regardless of your situation, or how your life may appear. You must keep on moving forward. You must pursue your dreams and be the best person that Yah (God) has intended for you to be.

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on my book "Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom Of The Truth From Within," which is a book of poetry expressing a variety of emotions, such as love, sadness, politics, happiness and etc. I hope to reach the reader 's core inner being and soul. I have written my poetry during my incarceration. However, I have realized that it is during the dark times of our lives that we must find ourselves in order to be truly free! Even though a person may be physically incarcerated, doesn't mean that a person can't be free. Mental freedom is yours and yours alone. It is a place and peace that is privately yours; and no one can take it away from you.

I've also realized during my time of incarceration, that just because a person may be physically free in society doesn't mean they are actually free. A person can be imprisoned mentally, yet be physically free. If a man or woman has no mental freedom than they can never truly have mental peace. True peace in a person's life can only be found within themselves.

My poetry is soulful. It is my desire to gracefully encourage individuals to look deep within themselves to find understanding. I believe that the reason for so much destruction, jealousy, murder, chaos, and hate in the world is not due to a lack of knowledge or wisdom, but a lack of understanding of self or others, which is a recipe for people to become fearful of one another. The internet has endless information and resources; but wisdom is the use of knowledge once acquired. Learning to understand your self is an intimate experience shared personally with others. It can be felt in the soul! Yah (God) bless! I end with this. " Let each person listen daily to the melody of their own soul; and that they dance to the Love of Life." CEJ

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