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"Don't Ask Why, Ask What Is The Reason"

"The few who live by no rules, have no substance, nor is their moral compass correct, therefore, the character of such individuals whom possess power in society need to be held accountable to the positions that they hold. Where is the honor? Where is the integrity"? CEJ

With so much going on in our world. One would have to wonder why now? Why now at this present day and rime on a global scale are the so called protectors of civilians and protectors of the law being exposed as being tyrants. Not all, but just a few whom in the past seemed to enjoy some form of immunity for all sorts of ill behavior. Plain and simple the people are fed up!

I am a firm believer that the very nature and balance of life must be upheld by those in the higher realms of power. From the top of the hierarchy all the way to the bottom of the hierarchy. People, the citizens of the nations of the earth depend upon their governments to be fair, and responsible in the govern ship of its citizens, "all citizens." Equal healthcare, equal education, and equal employment opportunities are just a few of the things that the citizens of the earth want and need. For those in society that live without the before mentioned, or without the basic necessities of life such as food, water, shelter and clothing, are people who are suffering and therefore demand to be heard.

It is a real shame to know that here in America the greatest country on the planet earth; there are some citizens living below the poverty line and even lack the basic necessities of life. I believe Maslow's laws that every human being needs food, clothing, money, shelter, and companionship. The environment in which our children are being raised in is such a huge factor that cannot nor should it be overlooked. So when situations are nothing more than straws breaking the back of the government and forcing all of the previous issues to have to be looked at in order to bring forth action within the form of solutions.

"Don't Ask Why, Ask What is the Reason?" What is the reason that the pain of the people and why do the cries of the citizens go unheard worldwide, as well as in the Ferguson's and Baltimore's of the world. As the media covers televised stories, I hope that you readers of newspapers or TV viewers are aware of the type of images being displayed. What I mean is don't just ask why are all of the people behaving so, but ask what is the reason behind their frustrations and actions? To have a voice in the world is nothing if the powers that be hands, action and ears choose to be deaf and lame. However the eyes of Yah (God) are watching to see what the heads and leaders in governmental policy making decisions will do. Hopefully they prove to be better shepherds of humanity or we will begin to witness even more of Yah's (God) judgments occurring.

The right thing is not to discriminate or treat certain populations as if they are nothing and irreverent. We witnessed that this did not work especially when the citizens united and protested injustices and discrimination; as in the historical Selma and Alabama protest marches, and boycotts that practically bankrupted an entire city.

"Don't Ask Why, Ask What is the Reason?" Hopefully by working together and by trying to understand one another; we can identify and implement legal policies, laws, accountability, and solutions to the problems of injustice, racial profiling and discrimination that negatively harms minorities or any members of a just society.

Blog post by: Charlton Earle' Jennings, Author of "Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom of the Truth From Within"

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