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" To Those Who Fall "

To those who fall and feel ashamed, disappointed, humiliated. or tired. To those who fall and feel powerless, lonely, misunderstood, betrayed or hated. To those who fall and lose a part of themselves in the mayhem of life. I just want to tell you that everything will not be alright if you wallow in self pity. Self pity is an enemy to your cause and survival, self pity harbors all the lowest and darkest emotions that feed on self misery and self doubt.

In my book titled "Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom of The Truth From Within." it is my hope that the readers will find something relatable within the structure and self guiding perspectives of my words. I would like to thank all of you who have purchased my book, and request those who haven't purchased it to please do so. If you have incarcerated family members, friends or are experiencing personal life trials or situations; I encourage you to buy my poetry book to connect with them through my work, or for personal inspiration. I myself am a man who fell, but through YHWH, and Yeshua's grace, I am witnessing my rising and true heritage as a son of Elohim. Blessings come in many forms; Sometimes they even come in the form of a fall.

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