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Dear Mothers of Beloved Sons

January 25, 2015

Dear Mothers of Beloved Sons:

Today I write to the mothers of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice. I’ve been incarcerated for the past 14 ½ years, due to a serious physical altercation with EPD police officers in July 2000. I would like to say that when I saw the four of you together on CNN and in Washington, DC. I was proud to see that you were letting your voices be heard, and refuse to be silent about such a tragedy. I realize that your pain is very deep, but yet you still allow your voices to be heard, along with the support from the community. I commend you for this, but most of all I know that YHWH is with all of you. I recognize that all of you are blessed and loved, and I’m happy to see that you and your families are consoling one another during these difficult times. Not knowing if you will ever see this, I want to express my thoughts so I requested for it to be posted. When I see the four of you I see the strength of my own mother in you as well. I too was also involved in a physical weapon altercation with the police and was shot five times. We all make mistakes, although some are more serious than others. By the grace of Yeshua, there were no fatalities. My heart hurts sometimes, at not being able to be there for my mother. But being the strong black woman that she is, I know that she is staying strong.

I personally recognize the battle that all of you are experiencing with the system, and know that the whole world is watching. I hope that positive change will happen soon. In serious matters such as yours and mine involving physical altercations that result in death or serious injuries; there should be an independent civilian review and investigation i.e.) federal investigation, versus only relying on the police to investigate themselves. I’ve been subjected to this myself firsthand. I don’t like the way some of your sons have been demonized and negatively portrayed. It’s as if being born black or having a large physic is a crime. A few misdemeanors is not a justifiable reason to take someone’s life. “Black Lives Matter.”

I truly believe that until the blacks in America begin to receive equal justice; that this type of injustice will sadly continue. I feel the pain of you and other mothers crying out for justice. I believe that YHWH hears as of days of old, when the Hebrew Israelites were in bondage for 400 years which is symbolic of injustice, but YHWH did set them free.

My heart really goes out to all of you. I want you to know that I am empathetic to your pain as being mothers, because I feel my own mother’s pain. So whenever I see any of you on TV, I pray that you find peace and comfort in knowing that you all are loved as being whom YHWH has made you to be which is the beautiful strong intelligent loving mothers that you are. Take care, and I thank you all for the strength and encouragement you have given to me and others. Shalom.

Charlton Earle’ Jennings, Author

“Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom of The Truth From Within”

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