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"Keep a Watchful Eye" By Charlton Earle’ Jennings

“Politicians, manipulators and liars. Air, earth, fire, destruction chaos and terror. Peace is but a forgotten dream. Everything is not what it seems.” The above quote is from my poem titled “Deception and Power.” Taken from my book “Inspirational Thoughts: Freedom of the Truth from Within.” I found it fitting for the topic at hand. As you know this was an election year. A lot of politicians competed for votes and utilized various means.

But are the politicians really in tune with the needs of the people? We all know that the children are the future regardless of race, demographics, or religion. We need to have true political representatives of all American children in our Government and House of Power. We need policy makers who truly care about what’s going on in society and its impact on the children.

The increased school closings in American cities may have contributed to an increase in crimes being committed by youths. Some youths feels that no one cares, or listens to them. Pennsylvania is building more and more Prisons and has no intention of slowing down. I know that some of you may feel privileged and believe that this won’t affect your son or daughter. However there is also an increase of crimes being committed by White middle class youths as well. That’s right, not even suburbia is safe from the beast.

Although the demographics, race, and environment of young African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasian youths may differ, they all face similar problems such as drugs, physical and cyber bullies, violence, diseases and etc. I know some of you think that if you raise your children in a middle class suburban environment they will be safe. Quite often this turns out to be a myth.

My point and question is who will stand to represent and unite our children collectively, evenly and fairly? If suburban children receive good quality schools, teachers, books and etc., so should the inner city schools. It appears that the system is more lenient towards Caucasian youths than non Caucasian. The jury system sadly is often imbalanced as well. If jury pools consist of voters than why are there so few if any Black or Hispanic representation on the juries? They vote also.

We as a society cannot hide from the issues of school closings, impartiality, and continue to ignore what is in the best interest of all our children regardless of their culture, race, demographics, economics and diversity. Hopefully the politicians the American citizens vote for and place into political office are not wolves in sheep clothing. Only wolves close schools and build prisons as solutions to the increase and future of the rise in crime. We as a society must strive to be part of the solution, and not contribute to the problems.

Let’s remind politicians that our children’s future will reflect the future of our world, which is currently being shaped before our eyes. It is influenced by racial inequality, parents, home, environment, income, religion, politics, teachers, schools, community organizations, neighborhoods, available opportunities and resources. I do hope that those in society begin to take more interest in attending Town Hall meetings, and become more involved in local politics, not just national. We must show our youths and future leaders we care by having a voice. So let’s “Keep a Watchful Eye.”

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