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Poetry Preview Tidbits


 "Tear Drops On A Rose"

Charlton Earle' Jennings


From the truth comes chaos, like dark secrets exposed.

Truth is love, yet it’s Pain! Tear drops on a Rose.


Truth is power! Pre-eminent, in existence, that thin line

Between truth and a lie, is the reason behind mischief.


Truth can move nations, or inspire the faint hearted.

Like souls who passed on and died as martyrs.


Truth is pain, like Tear Drops on a Rose. Yet truth is pure love,

a rose carried by a dove, high and above.


Words of a graceful angel are sunsets, after the rain.

Which create beautiful rainbows.


From chaos comes Truth, like the dark secrets exposed.

Truth is love! Yet it’s pain, Tear Drops on a Rose.


"A Mask In A Dark Room"

Charlton Earle' Jennings


What is truth? Is the truth that we need oxygen to breath, or that we need misery to grieve?


 Can the truth be an assumed lie, told by liars' lips? Or can a lie, be told by a stand up guy, known to never lie?


Do you believe the one you trust to tell you the truth? Many use the word trust as some kind of reproof.


Do the ones who know that we trust them have power over us? Do you believe the word love has anything to do with trust?





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